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Here you can find everything you need to enjoy a fun filled African Safaris and Vactions in Southern Africa. Within you will be able to find some of Africa's most exquisite and luxurous game venues from where you will be able to explore and experience the big five game (Lion, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant) on your safari tour, while enjoying the hospitality from Game Lodges and other other accommodations available.

South African Accommodations

Maluti Mountain Lodge

Maluti Mountain Lodge - South Africa - Clarens

Maluti Mountain Lodge is set amidst the glorious Malouti Mountain range in the Eastern Free State Highlands bordering Lesotho & 45km south of Bethlehem. Two and a half hours south of Johannesburg. The lodge is an ideal venue in summer and winter. With regular snow falls makin ...


Breeze Inn B&B

Breeze inne B&B - South Africa - East London

The rooms at Breeze Inn were styled to reflect the sunny, relaxed seaside atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast. While we're unimpressed by rock stars trashing the rooms, we do understand that you're likely to walk in with sand on your feet. Rooms are serviced daily by our friendly ...


Rivers Edge Guest Lodge

Rivers Edge Guest Lodge - South Africa - Port Elizabeth

Set in the heart of the Nelson Mandela Metropole, just 15 minutes from the city of Port Elizabeth, lies the picturesque and tranquil village of Redhouse. Beautifully positioned right on the edge of the river, overlooking Flamingo pans, River's Edge Guesthouse offers relaxing and ...


Avalone Guest House

Avalone Guest House - South Africa - St Lucia

Come and enjoy luxury, comfort and home from home hospitality in the picturesque village of St. lucia which is in the heart of the famous Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park, South Africa's first World Heritage Site. AVALONE GUESTHOUSE offers you 5 double en-suite air-conditioned ...


Mseni Lodge

Mseni Lodge - South Africa - Sodwana Bay

Mseni Lodge is a luxury accommodation facility situated at Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The lodge is home to Amoray Diving, offering Scuba diving, Deep Sea Fishing and Game Drive adventures to the discerning individual. Mseni Lodge is situated in Sodwana Bay National Park.


Tumble In

Tumble In B&B - South Africa - Underberg

Sneak away to stunning views of sunsets and snow capped mountains in the Southern Drakensberg. Tumble In offers 4 comfortable bed-sitters en-suite in a peaceful 1.5 ha park-like garden, on the edge of Underberg and 4 km from Himeville. ...


Oldenburg Lodge Game Park

Oldenburg Lodge & Game Park - South Africa - Ladybrand

Oldenburg Lodge is a historic mountain lodge situated in a dedicated private game reserve. It overlooks the rolling savannahs of the Modderpoort Valley and the high Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. The theme is a blend of Sandstone Colonial and Ethnic African.


Kruger Park Lodge 204

Kruger Park Lodge 204 - South Africa - Hazyview

Kruger Park Lodge 204 is situated on the banks of the Sabie River with magnificent river and woodland views, the chalet blends in with the natural vegetation and peaceful environment of the lodge. This three bedroomed air-conditioned self catering thatched chalet offers the ...


Casa Do Sol

Casa Do Sol - South Africa - Hazyview

Casa Do Sol is a taste of the best Africa can be. Situated in a 500-hectare Nature Reserve Casa do Sol is an unexpected haven in the centre of the tourist area of the Lowveld in the Sabie River valley, only 15 minutes from the Kruger National Park.


a Zaganaga Kruger Lodge

a Zaganaga Kruger Lodge - South Africa - Kruger National Park

a Zaganaga Kruger Lodge, is situated in the holiday town Marloth Park which is located just 10km from Komatipoort Border to Mocambique. It shares the Crocodile River boundry with The Kruger National Park. Marloth Park Clubhouse boasts a swimming pool as well as tenniscourts.


Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge

Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge - South Africa - Kruger National Park

Crocodile Kruger Safari Lodge is aptly situated on the banks of the Crocodile River, overlooking the Kruger National Park, offering both the leisure and corporate client a gateway to the regions? many tourist attractions. In addition to the professional big 5 game viewing ...


Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge

Pezulu Tree House Game Lodge - South Africa - Kruger National Park

Pezulu is a small, exclusive Tree House Game Lodge situated in the Guernsey Private Nature Reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa, only forty minutes from the world famous Kruger National Park. The Lodge comprises of eight unique thatch and reed tree houses ...


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African Vacations & African Safaris

If you are looking to see some of Africa's best African Safari Vacations or are looking for African Safari Tours, is the place to find it all.


Africa - Travel Information:

Africa is the world's second-largest continent and second most populous after Asia. At about 30,244,050 km² (11,677,240 mi²) including its adjacent islands, it covers 20.3 percent of the total land area on Earth. With over 800 million human inhabitants in 54 countries, it accounts for about one seventh of the world human population.
Africa is the largest of the three great southward projections from the main mass of the Earth's surface. It includes within its remarkably regular outline an area, of c. 30,244,050 km² (11,677,240 mi²), including the islands.

The main structural lines of the continent show both the east-to-west direction characteristic, at least in the eastern hemisphere, of the more northern parts of the world, and the north-to-south direction seen in the southern peninsulas. Africa is thus composed of two segments at right angles, the northern running from east to west, the southern from north to south, the subordinate lines corresponding in the main to these two directions.

African Languages:
Africa is home to the oldest inhabited territory on earth, with the human race originating from this continent. During the the mid 20th century, anthropologists discovered many fossils and evidence of human occupation perhaps as early as 7 million years ago.
By most estimates Africa contains well over a thousand languages. There are four major language families native to Africa.

The Afro-Asiatic languages are a language family of about 240 languages and 285 million people widespread throughout North Africa, East Africa, the Sahel, and Southwest Asia.
The Nilo-Saharan language family consists of more than a hundred languages spoken by 30 million people. Nilo-Saharan languages are mainly spoken in Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and northern Tanzania.

The Niger-Congo language family covers much of Sub-Saharan Africa and is probably the largest language family in the world in terms of different languages. A substantial number of them are the Bantu languages spoken in much of sub-Saharan Africa
The Khoisan languages number about 50 and are spoken in Southern Africa by approximately 120 000 people. Many of the Khoisan languages are endangered. The Khoi and San peoples are considered the original inhabitants of this part of Africa.

With a few notable exceptions in East Africa, nearly all African countries have adopted official languages that originated outside the continent and spread through colonialism or human migration. For example, in numerous countries English and French are used for communication in the public sphere such as government, commerce, education and the media. Arabic, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Malagasy are other examples of originally non-African languages that are used by millions of Africans today, both in the public and private spheres

African Cultures:
Rather than one culture, Africa has a number of cultures that overlap. The most conventional distinction is that between sub-Saharan Africa and the northern countries from Egypt to Morocco, who largely associate themselves with Arabic culture. In this comparison, the nations to the south of the Sahara are considered to consist of many cultural areas, in particular that of the Bantu linguistic group.
Divisions may also be made between Francophone Africa and the rest of Africa, in particular the former British colonies of southern and East Africa. Another cultural fault-line is that between those Africans living traditional lifestyles and those who are essentially modern. The traditionalists are sometimes subdivided into pastoralists and agriculturalists.

African art reflects the diversity of African cultures. The oldest existing art from Africa are 6000-year old carvings found in Niger, while the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was the world's tallest architectural accomplishment for four thousand years until the creation of the Eiffel Tower. The Ethiopian complex of monolithic churches at Lalibela, of which the Church of St. George is representative, is regarded as another marvel of engineering.

The music of Africa is one of its most dynamic art forms. Egypt has long been a cultural focus of the Arab world, while remembrance of the rhythms of sub-Saharan Africa, in particular west Africa, was transmitted through the Atlantic slave trade to modern blues, jazz, reggae, rap, and rock and roll. Modern music of the continent includes the highly complex choral singing of southern Africa and the dance rhythms of soukous, dominated by the music of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A recent development of the 21st century is the emergence of African hip hop, in particular a form from Senegal is blended with traditional mbalax. Recently in South Africa, a form of music related to house music known under the name Kwaito has developed, although the country has been home to its own form of South African jazz for some time, while Afrikaans music is completely distinct and comprised mostly of traditional Boere musiek, and forms of Folk and Rock.

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